Phillip Island- Mini Trip

Lucky us, I had my husband off work for a week so we took advantage of him having time off to go somewhere. We were asked if we would like to go to Phillip Island, discussed with my husband and we agreed, YES!

I have fond memories of us as a young couple going down to Phillip Island, we literally saw everything from every wildlife park, to the food places and the Penguins too.

This was our second trip as a family of five, the last one was to Noosa and it gave us a bit of an insight how holidays were going to be. I was adamant that it wasn’t going to be that bad.

It was planned, a 2-night trip, a few attractions and places to visit. We got ready for our road trip which was roughly 1hr- 30 mins as we are from the Eastern Suburbs in Melbourne. Olivia, the youngest has a set of lungs on her and 1/2 of the time hates the car.  We were able to time it in with her sleep in the morning, but we did decide to stop at a Wildlife Park. After then she cried all the way to the accommodation.

We stayed at a Ramada Resort Phillip Island. It’s really lovely, they have lots and lots of cabin-like homes, we were lucky and had a 2 bedroom villa cottage. The girls both had single beds, Jason and I had a big double bed. We had a serviceable kitchen and a quaint lounge room to sit in and keep warm as the weather gets cold. When we arrived we were welcomed with a wine and cheese platter which was a beautiful touch.IMG_9124Once we settled in we decided we would go to the Penguin Parade, it’s a must see attraction when you go visit Phillip Island. I really got the girls excited that they could see  some Penguins and that it was going to be an amazing experience. Madison was super dooper excited and Chloe who’s nearly 3, was just excited because Madison was.
We waited patiently for them to come, Madison in Madi nature started to get very restless and started scolding the penguins that she couldn’t see. Telling them to hurry up, it was a little bit funny but I think all the people listening to her would have had a chuckle. They finally came when it was super dark, which was really amazing to watch seeing a group at a time waddle out of the water onto the sand. Can i say it was the most cutest thing watching them waddle. After 15 mins or so we decided we would walk up on the boardwalk and watch them to their wooden burrows. You really can get to see them up close and personal, I loved hearing the cute little noises they make.

We where lucky enough to enjoy dinner both nights at the restaurant called Numbers Cafe and Bar, which had plenty of delicious meals to choose from. Well serviced with different wines and spirits. The girls enjoyed a kid’s meal together and my oldest, Madison is somewhat fussy with what she eats and she finished both meals both nights.
Breakfast is also open at the Numbers Cafe, which is all you can eat breakfast buffet which has lots to choose from. Cereals, Pancakes,Eggs, Bacon, Toast and arrangement of fresh fruits.
The restaurant staff were very friendly and struck up conversation with our little ones too.
The Numbers Cafe and Bar is open 7 days a week, Breakfast is open from 7am and dinner 5pm.

The attractions we visited other than the penguins was:

Phillip Island Horse Riding the girls got to ride around on a pony for however long they wanted, Madison stayed on at least 30 mins and well Chloe lasted only a few laps which was so cute. It was such a great experience for them, getting to touch them and asking lots of questions about the ponies and horses.

We went down to the beach. It was quite cold however, anyone that knows Chloe knows that she likes to get nude so before we knew it we nearly had a streaker. I really love the beach at Phillip Island. It’s clean, well serviced with toilets and a beautiful pier to walk down.
We tried to check out A Maze ‘N’ Things, but with Miss Olivia passed out asleep we decided to give it a miss but, from reviews I’ve heard its great for the kids. It’s an award-winning tourist attraction, which has a 2 km wooden labyrinth, maxi golf course and interactive world of Illusion.
We checked out the Chocolate Factory, which has some cool interactive setups, complimentary chocolate, a Chocolate shop and a cafe with an array of different meals.
We loved checking out the gorgeous cafes around the main street of Phillip Island. My husband Jason is a coffee connoisseur so his always needing a latte while the kids love  babycinos.

Overall, there is plenty of things to do especially at the resort where the kids can have a play on the playground equipment, go for a swim in the pool, there is tennis courts to have a game, a well equipped Games room, Gym and Spa, walking paths and much more.
Phillip Island is full of fun, even attractions we didn’t do but was recommended is the Grand Prix, a few more different wildlife centres, Koala Conversation Centre and Nobbies Centre.

In saying that I think Phillip Island is the perfect little haven for families to check out if you want somewhere to go plenty of things to do with kids, awesome cafes and great locals who love to have a chat.
I highly recommend Ramada Phillip Island Resort, with plenty of cottages to choose from the view and location is really relaxing and quiet. Staff always are happy to go the extra mile to ensure your holiday is a great one.

Have you been to Phillip Island? Or plan to go soon? I would love to know what you think and happy to give you advice on places to visit.


BLOG is getting a change

fullsizeoutput_a8e8So I have been way to quiet on my blog. I don’t think I have added anything in for a while. I had this idea I was going to express my feelings and emotions in this blog to give myself some relief of things building up personally from my younger days and being a mum. Though now I think I’m doing okay.  I will focus now on more about reviews on products, adventures, trips, and anything family related.

As you can see we have added one more kid to the family, Olivia who just turned 7 months shes feisty, knows what she wants and has been a great addition to the family the girls just love her.

So I hope you will stay and enjoy the new blog change layout I will decide too.

Which my next post will be about your recent small trip to Phillip Island.

Finding my purpose

What happens when you can’t get to sleep, I think I’ll do another blog post it’s been a long while since my first one. Damn you cake I’m on a sugar high! 

So I’ve  struggled with my cultural identity in the past, of who the real me is. Having a background/nationality but not knowing much of the culture has left me a little empty and confused. As a child I wanted to fit into was the normal of society in Australia I didn’t want to be seen as an outsider, I wanted to be like every Australian kid and so that’s what I did. It probably helped a lot that I had Australian parents and they brought me up that way. 

I didn’t really learn much about this country I was born in South Korea and I wasn’t too eager to learn about it either. I always had the I don’t care attidude when it came to talking about my adoption or my culture.  Don’t get me wrong I was always open about it and would happily talk about it, just didn’t have much to talk about it. 

So can you just imagine how adoptees feel? Your this person, you have this amazing loving family that  love you and your there world. But there’s something missing. Physically you don’t look like these people you call mum and dad or any other relatives. Especially overseas adoptees I know a lot struggle with there identity and I can see why. It’s like our culture is out there and that we just haven’t been brought up there it’s just somewhere else in the world. 

I’ve come to terms that I’m lacking some identity issues.

I have been lucky enough to go back to South Korea in 2012 to see a bit of the culture and the people. Though I would love another trip to be on the cards one day in the future with my girls, I just realise I have to find my purpose something that will fill that void. Being a mother has helped that, I just know I’ll be struggling to answer those questions to my little ones when they want to learn more about my culture and background. 

I sometimes think to much into it as will I be affecting my kids identity now? Who knows if I’ll have all the answers but I will try to answer them all truthfully to how I feel and what I know. 

To be honest being a mother has really made me feel complete, I feel like I have a purpose everyday and I’m someone mum, hero, helper, lover, friend seriously the list could go on. A part of this identity crisis I had, now is helped because I’m a mother. 

Though it did bring up a lot of different crazy strong emotions with the birth of my first child Madison, it really gave me an insight of how must a birth mother giving up her child for adoption would be like.  I just couldn’t even bare to think what would be running through these mothers/ families heads. I’m ever so grateful for this life I’m living and I know if it was another path the one where I was living in my country of birth it would be much different circumstances. Hopefully one day I’ll be given the chance to find out more about my family history and slowly find out about my cultural identity. 

Thankyou for stopping by to my mumble jumble it’s currently way past midnight and my sleep curfew. But I knew I needed to add to this blog and cultural identity is what I’ve struggled with in the past. Something interest to talk about. 

A little about me. 

So this is the first time ever that I have done anything like this. I was never really a diary girl. I just seemed to never have time and would hold onto them memories in my mind. I never felt there was any reason to write/type in something.  

Though now I’m at the point of my life I need to have something where I can express myself if it’s something on mind,  my emotions or about my life experiences. I ain’t no mum blogger, Insta queen or fancy person. Just a real person with real feelings that needs to do this for her personal wellbeing. If one person reads this and can see insight in my life and relate then I feel like I have someone out there a friend who can understand me. I guess I’m not so lonely.

So a little about me, I’m a 31 year old born in South Korea ( that will be another story) but came to Australia when I was three months old.

I have two beautiful girls Madison who’s 4 years old and Chloe who will be two in June. I’m currently pregnant with my third girl who’s due in early October. I’ve been married for nearly five years to my husband named Jason. 

Life is pretty good, well it’s definitely from the outside for them people who are looking in from there.  

At the moment I’m struggling with motherhood, I feel like how the hell am I’m going to cope with three if I’m finding it hard with two. Madison knows right now how to push them mummy buttons. This kid is good at ignoring me I can have myself on repeat and she will not listen. Typical 4 year old behaviour.

I wish there was a parenting tool book or something for us, I know I have read a few of them parenting help books and then try to put them practises in place and it never works. I guess we have to find our own groove in the whole parenting scheme.

Other than feeling hopeless in this mumma game, I love being creative if I could have the time to make little crafty things for the girls I would, but life is very busy at the moment. I would love to have time for myself and pursue something that lets me be creative. If that’s making something handmade, photography or styling I would be in my element and I hope to pursue that once I guess the kids are at a certain age. I’m that person that is always looking on Pinterest at DIY. 

This blog will be about my personal journey of life as a mother, adoptee and just anything that needs to be expressed.
There will be highs and lows, but looking forward to having this platform. 

Hope you enjoy my little insight of what crazy is! Cause I think that’s me in a nutshell.